Sunrise from the Iron Crown

Iron Crown (LP) - 2,126m

23°59’54.5″ S   29°56’48.5″ E 

To ascend the Iron Crown is fairly straightforward. The peak is located in the Wolkberg area near Magoebaskloof, one of South Africa's most beautiful mountainous regions. Located near the town of Haenertsburg in Limpopo, it has become the most popular starting point for the 9 Peaks Challenge. If you are planning a casual 9 Peaks journey I recommend you make a weekend of your trip here. The area is beautiful and has loads to offer. Information can be obtained in the village and online. For more about the immediate area you can visit


No fees have to be paid to summit Iron Crown. When hiking up the back slope through the plantations please greet the fire watch if they are present. Do not tamper with any of the radio masts or other equipment on the peak. Please take note that no camping or open fires are allowed. Walk to the Trig Beacon where you can claim your summit. 

If you are taking on the 9 Peaks Challenge the correct approach starts in the plantation section below the peak towards the south. Your vehicle may not be driven to the top of the peak and must be left to within 200 meters of the following coordinates.   24°00’44.0″ S   29°56’48.0″ E

Follow these directions for the best way to get to the start. 

1.  From Haenertsburg drive along the R71 towards Polokwane for approximately 6km. 

2.  Turn left onto the gravel road at the Randfontein sign and continue for 13,5km. 

3.  Turn left at the crossing and drive slowly and carefully through the village. 

4.  After approximately 3km you reach an access control gate. Report to the security and provide the relevant details. 

5.  Continue for approximately 14,8km until you reach the starting coordinates.   

If this is the challenge starting point the clock starts as you leave the vehicle.

Walking up De Berg, Mpumalanga

De Berg (MP) - 2,331m

25°12’33.7″ S   30°08’59.5″ E 

To ascend De Berg is fairly straightforward. A good road leads all the way to the summit. The peak is located on private land owned by a Conservation Trust administrated by Northam Platinum near the town of Dullstroom in Mpumalanga. To arrange access you need to contact the 9 Peaks Challenge administrator at least 10 days in advance for the necessary permission. You will need to provide your full name and ID number, as well as the exact date you plan to visit and an approximate time.  

For planning purposes it is important to note that access may often only be granted during daylight hours. The land manager has been kind to us and may be flexible in this regard, so feel free to suggest your plans when contacting the challenge administrator. 

The property is monitored by on-site security who may approach you and will have your details. Please check in with the security personnel if requested to do so. The security will be aware of your access permission based on the date and approximate time arranged. Please send the challenge administrator a text message after you have left the property. Do not tamper with any of the radio masts or other equipment on the peak and avoid the farm residence and other buildings on the property. Please note that no camping or open fires are allowed.

If you are taking on the 9 Peaks Challenge then the correct approach starts at the gate as you leave the main road. The vehicle may not be driven to the top of the peak and must be left next to the gate (not in front of it) near the following coordinates.   25°14’17.5″ S   30°08’15.2″ E 

Climbers on the summit of Nooitgedacht-west

Nooitgedacht-west (NW) - 1,816m

25°50’57.8″ S   27°32’49.0″ E 

To ascend the peak is fairly straightforward, but you will not be heading in the obvious direction. Many people got it wrong once they arrive near the top and think that the masts are the obvious locations. The masts are in the Gauteng province. The exact location of this highest point has been discussed on forums many times and we are confident that after a few provincial boundary changes we have the correct location indicated.

A good road leads up the mountain but this is on private land so please drive slowly and carefully. The peak is located near Hekpoort in the Magaliesberg. To arrange access you need to contact the land manager at least 10 days in advance for the necessary permission. You can obtain the contact details from the challenge administrator. Please note that camping and open fires are not allowed. Don't hang around either. Once you enter the property please approach the peak, plot your position and take photos, before descending to leave the property. The landowner has been kind to us and we'd like to keep it that way. The access gate to the property is at approximately 25°52’10.0″ S   27°3255.0″ E 

Please send the land manager a thank you message after you have left or give him a call. Do not tamper with any of the radio masts or other equipment on the mountain if you happen to go in that direction. Please avoid the private residence on the property as it may be visible to you as you drive up. If you are taking on the 9 Peaks Challenge then the correct approach starts from near the top of the concrete road. Please leave your vehicle just off the road near 25°5057.4″ S   27°3200.0″ E without obstructing any road access.

Climbers on the summit of Toringkop, Gauteng

Toringkop (GP) - 1,913m

26°30’38.6″ S   28°13’47.8″ E 

Toringkop is definitely the easiest of all the 9 peaks. You can drive almost to the top and the walk is a mere 350m from your car to the summit. The peak is located in Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve near Heidelberg in Gauteng. This is just off the N3 and fairly easy to find with Google Maps. The route is signposted from the N3 as well. There is a good tar road leading up the mountain. On the reserve this is known as the Tourist Route. The tricky part is that it is a one-way meaning you'll need some extra time to drive around if you plan on following the rules of the reserve, which I encourage you do. 

Speed limits in the reserve vary between 30 and 50 kph. Please leave your vehicle just off the road below the summit so as to not obstruct any other traffic. Do not drive in along the jeep track. This is not allowed and you must walk from the tar road. You can leave your vehicle at approximate location 26°3045.2″ S   28°1352.4″ E

A useful resource to learn more about the reserve can be found at . On the site it refers to another point as the highest and I can confirm that this point is 10m lower than Toringkop. If you want to check it out for yourself you can go to 26°3034.5″ S   28°1532.8″ E . Please take note of gate closing times and pay the required entrance fee to the reserve upon arrival. Only card payments are accepted. Entrance to the reserve is often only allowed until 4pm.

Climbing the chain ladders on route to Namahadi

Namahadi (FS) - 3,291m

28°46’13.1″ S   28°48’25.6″ E 

Namahadi is no walk in the park and proper planning is needed for this approach. For the majority of non-stop challenges this will be the first big mountain challenge as most people will complete the four northern-most peaks first before finding their way to the big mountains. People often think that it will be easy after having completed the peaks mentioned above, but Namahadi is a totally different beast and has been responsible for stopping the most non-stop challenge attempts. Do not fall in the same trap.

The peak is located in the Drakensberg mountains near Phutaditjaba in the Free State. No prior access arrangements are needed but you will need to pay the Witsieshoek toll fee, either at the toll gate or at the park entrance, as well as the park permit fees at the Sentinel Car Park. Photographic proof of your mountain rescue register entry and payment receipt may be requested for verification after your trip. The road leading up the mountain to the Sentinel Car Park is in a bad state so please be prepared for this. High clearance vehicles are recommended. If you are planning to use a different approach this is allowed, but sufficient tracking data must always be provided. Using Namahadi pass starting from the Fika Patso region is allowed but will undoubtedly take more time. 

Hiking through Injisuthi in the Central Drakensberg

Mafadi (KZN) - 3,451m

29°12’12.5″ S   29°21’30.7″ E 

Mafadi is not only the highest in KZN but also in the whole of South Africa. You can expect a strong challenge on this approach. The peak is located in the Drakensberg mountains near Injisuthi and Giants Castle. No prior access arrangements are needed but you will need to pay the park permit fees.

The mountain rescue register must be completed and signed at the relevant KZN Wildlife office. Please take a clear photo of this to include with your supporting documents and details. These registers are usually available even if the office is closed. Any mountain pass may be used for the ascent and descent.

For planning purposes please ensure you are familiar with the gate entry times, which differ depending on the season. ​​​It is advisable to phone ahead to announce your intentions. Always pay the required permit fees and respect the mountain. As you will be entering a wilderness area please take note that fires are not allowed.

View from the Kwaduma escarpment

Kwaduma (EC) - 3,019m

30°28’00.1″ S   28°09’21.3″ E 

It is quite a drive to get to the village of Tabase. Kwaduma is very secluded and it will be sensible to inform others before you set out and more or less when you are planning to return. The approach starts in a very rural part of South Africa. It is absolutely beautiful but it is a big mountain ascent and not to be underestimated. You cross community lands mostly so please be friendly and respectful.


No prior access arrangements are needed. We advise that you park your vehicle at the Tabase police station. You may however drive up to the following coordinates 30°30’41.5" S   28°16’25.0″ E   A drop-off may be arranged at the police station if this forms part of your planning and if someone is available to assist. Please remember to be courteous to the people in the area and thank the police and others for any assistance. Please avoid private property in the village. It is advisable to call ahead to the police station to state your intentions. You can reach the station commander, Warrant Officer Jijane, on 082 302 5175

Please take note that in the past some safety concerns existed. There has been incidents with stray dogs both near the village as well as on the mountain. There has also been concerns around stock theft from the locals due to strangers wandering around at night. Please be aware of your surroundings. 

Sunrise in the mountains

Murch Point (NC) - 2,156m

31°41’36.0″ S   24°30’48.1″ E 

Murch Point is located on private land near the towns of Middelburg, Richmond and Nieu-Bethesda. It is located near the very southern parts of the Northern Cape. The peak must only be approached on foot from the direction and across the property that we have permission for. You can discuss this in more detail with the challenge administrator as well as the land manager. Please download the map on this page to assist with your planning.


Please arrange access at least ten days in advance with the land manager. You can get the details from the challenge administrator. Always be courteous and thank the landowners and their team afterwards. They have always been of great assistance. No camping or open fires are allowed but you can discuss options for accommodation with the land manager, including possible use of the hiking hut.

Scroll down to download the map needed to plan your approach of this peak. It is the only way allowed and can be discussed in more detail with the land manager. Also download and complete the indemnity form and submit a signed copy to after access approval has been granted. 

The view from the north towards Seweweekspoort Peak

Seweweekspoort Peak (WC) - 2,325m

33°23’53.8″ S   21°22’03.7″ E 

Seweweekspoort Peak offers you a stunning view that you will have to work for. The climb is steep and the terrain challenging but the reward is worth it. The summit approach can be tricky so please be careful. You do cross private land on your way to the summit so please read the following carefully.


The peak may be approached from the north or south. If this is the challenge starting point the clock starts as you leave the old gate on the public road near   33°21’59.0″ S   21°21’54.0" E   when coming from the north. If starting from the south the clock starts from the parking near   33°27’24.5″ S   21°23’07.0″ E   These points are also where your vehicle needs to be parked.

Please follow THIS LINK for a beautifully detailed website where you will find lots more information and guidelines as well as the correct procedures to follow to arrange access. The website is an invaluable resource compiled by Jan Viljoen, without a doubt the authority in the region. Contact must be established at least ten days in advance with Jan to give him an indication of your proposed dates and plans. His details can be obtained via his website. If anything else is needed Jan will inform you accordingly. Once off the mountain please confirm with Jan that you are safe by means of a phone call or text message.

Murch Point - Approach Map

Directions from Office to Murch Point.pdf

Murch Point - Indemnity Form

9 Peaks Indemnity Letter - Murch Point.pdf

Directions to farm from Middelburg

Directions to Murch Point