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9 Peaks Challenge

The 9 Peaks Challenge includes the ascent of the highest point of each province of the Republic of South Africa. You can partake in the challenge by following the rules as explained on this site or simply do it for your own enjoyment and personal reasons. Just get out and do it!

To successfully challenge a category record the challenger/s need to adhere to all applicable rules. The clock starts at the foot of the first peak and stops on the summit of the last peak.

The challenge is open to all. You have the option to compete in one or more of the categories, either challenging the fastest known time for that category or simply doing it for fun and a true adventure. Start planning now and get your name on the Wall of Honour. 

About 9 Peaks Challenge

The 9 Peaks Challenge has been around for a number of years but was "formalised" in 2010. It has been attempted by numerous teams and individuals since the Republic of South Africa went from four to nine provinces in 1994. ​During March of 2011 the first solo non-stop journey was undertaken by Kobus Bresler. He successfully completed the challenge after numerous mistakes, frustrations, scary moments and most importantly, a super adventure. Kobus still administers the challenge. 

Kobus Bresler
Bruce Niland

9 Peaks Challenge - Rules

The 9 Peaks Challenge is a bit more complex than many other mountain adventures in that it crosses different sections of private land, and indeed most of South Africa. The challenge is also divided into numerous categories, often with complex logistics. For these reasons a detailed set of rules are required to keep the challenge fair and transparent. Please read through these carefully and contact the challenge administrator with any questions.

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Wall of Honour

Regardless of whether you challenged an FKT or simply set out to complete the 9 Peaks, if you can prove that you have done so successfully, your name will be included on the wall.


The 9 Peaks Challenge is divided into seven categories. Each category has its own fastest known time.

Scroll through the categories and FKT's on the listed page. The various categories are defined on the rules page.

In addition, all known successful completions that were not challenging a fastest known time are listed.


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